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adidas on the ball for EURO
UEFA and adidas have presented the new official match ball for UEFA EURO 2004 ahead of the draw for the final tournament in Lisbon.
Saturday, 29 November 2002

The new ball, named Roteiro after the logbook used by Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, will be used in all 31 matches next summer. The unique and dynamic design features an aqua metallic base colour which represents the sky; a blue colour reminiscent of the sea; and silver lines to signify the co-ordinate system used and perfected by the Portuguese. 

In developing the ball, adidas created a new production concept. Using thermal bonding, this new technique in ball production provides a more consistent quality and performance. Roteiro is the first-ever official match ball produced with this innovative production technique. It also features the new Power Balance Technology, has a seamless surface design and a revolutionary new carcass.

The ball has been tested by leading European clubs. Real Madrid and England midfield player David Beckham said: "The new Roteiro reacts well to my foot. It seems to be dipping a lot, which is obviously good for me and other free-kick takers. It has a whole new look and feel. When you're kicking it, it even sounds better. No one has ever seen anything like this before. It's going to be a great ball to play with." 

Commenting on the launch of the new ball, UEFA Chief Executive Gerhard Aigner said: "UEFA EURO 2004 promises to be a great tournament and a showcase event for the best talent in European football. It is fitting therefore that adidas have chosen the UEFA European Football Championship in Portugal next year to launch their new ball." 

Dr Gilberto Madaíl, Portuguese Football Federation president and chairman of the board of Euro 2004, S.A, said: "adidas has delivered a stunning, modern and state-of the-art Portugese football. This is very much how we envisage the UEFA EURO 2004 event to be. We want to show the world a warm, passionate, authentic yet modern Portugal. Portugal is ready to be discovered!" 





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