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Introduction: Faro-Loulé

^ Algarve region is worldwide famous because of its beaches

With beautiful beaches, warm sea and sunshine all year round the Algarve offers a perfect destination for holidaymakers as well as a fine venue for UEFA EURO 2004. 

The towns of Loulé and Faro are the focal points of a region dominated by golden sand sheltered by red cliffs, with the Algarve stadium lying midway between them. However, the region is rich in natural beauty and there is much to see and do inside and outside Faro and Loulé' s city limits.

Aside from the inviting waters of the Atlantic Ocean, there are boundless 

opportunities for playing golf, yachting, eating or just pottering about in the picturesque villages surrounded by fig trees and orange groves which lie inshore.

Lovers of dramatic views should look no further than Cabo de Săo Vicente, at the very south-western tip of Europe. From here you can see the promontory of Sagres, which gave its name to the School of Navigation founded by Prince Henry the Navigator - an essential port of call for ships sailing westwards from the Mediterranean.


Stadium: Estádio Algarve

^ The Estádio Algarve can accomodate 30,000 people.

Capacity 30,000
Entity Loulé/Faro Municipal Association
Architect Damon Lavelle

An outstanding work of architecture located in the Cities' Park on the border between the towns of Faro and Loulé (S. Joăo da Venda). The Estádio Algarve represents a joint undertaking by Faro and Loulé to build an exceptional facility in Portugal's most popular holiday region. 

The southernmost stadium in the final round of the European Championship will be the stage for 

two matches in the group phase and one of the quarter finals. It is designed to be the focal point of a new urban project called Cities' Park between Faro and Loulé. 

With seating for 30,000 spectators, it was built in the 31.5 hectares of the Cities' Park. It is designed for a number of uses. The stands at the north and south ends will later be removed to make way for an athletics track. 

One of the challenges involved in building the stadium was finding a compromise between the demands of a tournament like EURO 2004 and a facility that could be adapted to other events. The Estádio Algarve is a versatile structure that will be able to serve the needs of a popular holiday region. 

The EURO 2004 tournament director, António Laranjo, said: "This is one of the advantages of the new stadiums. They have been built for football matches, but can also be integrated into the regions in which they are located. This stadium was not built just for UEFA EURO 2004™ and its design reflects this idea." 

The Estádio Algarve was the eighth EURO 2004 ground to be opened at a simple ceremony, with no football match, attended by 18,000 spectators.




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Average highest temperature in June: 25.4şC


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A Spain v Russia 
   2045 CET 12 June 2004
A Russia v Greece
   2045 CET 20 June 2004
3 Quarter-Final
   2045 CET 26 June 2004


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