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  Ad is a brand-new thrilling temptation for sport fans to follow their favourite sporting events from all over the world. The combination of sportsbook with an in-depth infoworld and community provides all the tools you need to experience the benefits of sports betting. Thus, is more than just re-inventing a proven idea, it opens up the traditional world of betting and allows you to reap the bonus of competition and tax free betting - you can hardly find a better service and higher odds online. As a special promotional offer, new customers receive a 10% cashback on their first bet.

Feature is more than just re-inventing a proven idea, it opens up the traditional world of betting:

* 24-hour instant customer service and worldwide easy money transactions. 
* A worldwide free SMS result service transmitting your betting results to your mobile. 
* An Infoworld with real-time sports news, a complete statistics page for major European soccer championships, a weekly Sports Quiz and a Community to exchange opinions and information. 
* Excellent odds (with a margin below 10%) on all major sports events and even small national leagues. Singles and Combos on all events accepted. 
* Offshore tax-free betting from Antigua 
* Live Scores and Live Odds for betting during sport events - this is also possible with your WAP enabled mobile
* Visit if you want to experience the new way of betting online and get a cash-back up to EUR 15 on your first bet!

Betting on your mobile

Have a mobile? gamebookers is the bookmaker for the mobile phone community:
* WAP: The whole betting offer of gamebookers’ website is available on the user’s mobile screen. Thus, sport fans can choose from more than thousand events a week via
* Paybox: payments with paybox are convenient, simple, fast and secure. You don’t have to enter any confidential information onto the Internet. All you have to do is entering your mobile phone number or your paybox Alias in order to pay
* SMS-Service: customers in over 150 countries enjoy a free sms-result service





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