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UEFA rejects Wales complaint
The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has today rejected the complaint by the Football Association of Wales to have the EURO 2004 play-off second leg against Russia, held on 19 November last year in Cardiff, declared as irregular and thus a forfeit.
Tuesday, 03 February 2004


The FAW submitted its complaint regarding the regularity of this match, won 1-0 by Russia, on the grounds that Russian midfield player Yegor Titov was ineligible to play due to his positive doping test after the first leg, held in Moscow on 15 November. 

In reviewing the case the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body made reference to the FAW's failure to provide evidence that the player was under the influence of a prohibited substance in the second-leg match. 

In addition, and according to UEFA regulations in the case of a doping offence, the punishment only applies to the player himself and not to the team. This is further backed up by the World Anti-Doping Code which states that in the event of one member testing positive for a prohibitive substance in team sports it is the individual and not the team that is liable. 

The decision of the Control and Disciplinary Body may be appealed against, as UEFA's disciplinary regulations allow. The FAW has until midnight (CET) on Friday 6 February to appeal. 




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