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Introduction: Lisbon

^ The Tagus river dominates the Lisbon landscape.

Lisbon is renowned for its combination of beautiful weather and local colour. 

One of the most ancient cities in Europe, it is a lively and cosmopolitan place, especially since the success of the Expo '98 world fair and the major improvements to the quality of life which the exhibition brought. 

The starting point for the Portuguese voyages of discovery of the 15th and 16th centuries, Lisbon offers a cultural journey to all visitors. From the narrow streets of the traditional districts to the
Belém riverside and 

the Parque das Naçőes area, Portugal's metropolis prides itself on being Europe's sunniest capital.
Monuments, gardens and tourist attractions widen the scope of options, ancient and modern, and as with almost every other aspect of city life, the traditional and the contemporary live happily side by side. 

By night, the city is bustling with a nightlife second to none. An amazing range of options, from traditional 'fado' houses to the most sophisticated clubs, restaurants and discotheques beckons tourists. 

For UEFA EURO 2004, Lisbon will provide two stadiums - the José Alvalade XXI and the Da Luz, with the latter being the venue of the championship final on 4 July 2004. 

Having observed the unfolding of the city's history, the S. Jorge castle, the landmark that dominates the city from the top of the tallest of its seven hills, will now bear witness to the huge success of EURO 2004.


Stadium: Estádio José Alvalade

^ The five-star Estádio José Alvalade.

Capacity 52,000
Entity Sporting Club de Portugal
Architect Tomás Taveira

The dream of the Viscount of Alvalade, when he said: "This will be a club as big as Europe's greatest..." has finally come true. So, for a great club, a great stadium. Located in the city next to the old stadium, the new ground is part of a much larger complex, including sports facilities, residential blocks, shops and services. 

The quality of the stadium has already been recognised with the five-star classification that UEFA

awards to high-quality stadiums. UEFA has also chosen this ground for the UEFA Cup final in 2005. 

Just like in the old Estádio José Alvalade, Sporting also plans to use the new ground for major concerts. The owners of the stadium studied the acoustics of the stadium very carefully in order to be able to attract top music stars and maintain their reputation for top-quality concerts. 

The stadium's first football game was on 6 August, when Sporting played a friendly match against Manchester United FC. The official opening, attended by 52,000 fans, also included a concert and multimedia show.


Stadium: Estádio da Luz

^ Final venue the Estádio da Luz.

Capacity 65,000
Entity Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Architect Damon Lavelle

The club that was born in a chemist's shop in Belém is today the owner of the largest stadium in the country. The new ground, built on land adjacent to the old stadium, contains leisure, entertainment and cultural areas. With its 65,000 covered seats and high-quality facilities, it has been classified as a five-star stadium by UEFA. 

In fact, the Estádio da Luz (Stadium of Light) was specially designed to include details to live up to its name,

using natural light as much as possible. The new ground was built next to the old one and seats 65,000 spectators.

In a year that marks the centenary of SL Benfica and the 50th anniversary of the previous Estádio da Luz, the new stadium has been chosen as the venue for the final of EURO 2004. 

Benfica marked the official opening of the new Estádio da Luz, with a friendly match in which Benfica beat the Uruguayan team Club Nacional de Football de Montevideo 2-1. Before the match, the 65,000-strong audience watched a multimedia show and a firework display. 




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Average highest temperature in June: n/a


 « Fixtures: José Alvalde »

C Sweden v Bulgaria
   2045 CET 14 June 2004
A Spain v Portugal
   2045 CET 20 June 2004
D Germany v Czech Rep.
   2045 CET 23 June 2004
2 Quarter-Final
   2045 CET 25 June 2004
1 Semi-Final
   2045 CET 30 June 2004


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B France v England 
   2045 CET 13 June 2004
A Russia v Portugal
   2045 CET 16 June 2004
B Croatia v England
   2045 CET 21 June 2004
1 Quarter-Final
   2045 CET 24 June 2004 
   2045 CET 04 July 2004


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